Ron Paul still undecided in supporting Romney-Ryan ticket

Nathan Andrada – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Tampa, FL, United States (4E) – Rep. Ron Paul said on Tuesday that he remains undecided for now in endorsing the Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan ticket in November’s elections.

Paul said he is for promoting the constitution, prosperity, peace, and individual liberty rather than the politics of the nomination process.

Earlier in the day, Paul supporters failed to nominate the Texas congressman formally through a fair roll call vote as they were denied the chance. They angrily reacted to the removal of Paul’s delegates from Maine and loudly booed when House Speaker John Boehner was introduced to make a speech.

Paul, meanwhile, simply laughed off any possibility that he would support instead President Barack Obama this November, when asked by Fox News host Neil Cavuto. He said: “Not too likely.”

Paul, who organized a separate rally in Tampa along with his supporters during the weekend, told Cavuto that the GOP is anxious to have their delegates released to the Romney-Ryan ticket. Both Romney and Ryan have said they expect Paul’s followers to show up and support them during the convention, but the Texan lawmaker admitted they may not go that way stating that he does not control his delegates.

Paul also talked about the selection of Ryan as Romney’s vice presidential candidate. He noted that the Ryan Budget did not cut anything significantly, so he voted against it.

He said that Ryan’s fiscal discipline plan is not totally serious about spending cuts, since it does not discuss baseline budgeting, and is not willing slash expenditures for domestic and foreign programs. Paul said that the problem about fiscal deficit is a serious and urgent one that needs attention as he thinks the country is entering another financial crisis worse than that in 2008.

Paul admitted that he agrees on Romney and Ryan on certain issues and leans more toward supporting the GOP ticket, although he expects to leave Tampa without issuing an endorsement to both candidates.

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